Samsung Flat Soundbar

Product Code: HW_MS751XU

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This all-in-one soundbar from Samsung, available in silver, delivers a pure audio experience that will bring your living room entertainment to life. With a 5.0 channel system, you’ll be enveloped in outstanding sound that fills the whole room. Connect your television or media devices to play your favourite films and music in the best quality.

First-Class Sound

11 speakers are built into the body of this sleek soundbar, packing in superb sound quality. Together they deliver a top entertainment experience with great clarity and depth. Get the best sound possible with trusted Samsung excellence.

The compact design of the HW-MS751 saves space, without compromising on performance. You’ll hear everything from all directions, including overhead, with up-firing speakers that send object-based sound shooting upwards.

Three tweeters and six mid-range drivers deliver crisp high notes and warm life-like tones, for a more immersive sound experience.

High-Resolution Playback produces studio-quality sound that will transport you to the concert of your favourite artist or to the heart of an action-packed scene. Listen to speech - from a whisper to a yell - with striking clarity.

The Possibilities are Endless

Lose yourself in your entertainment by pairing the HW-MS751 with the gorgeous picture quality of a Samsung television. Simply connect your soundbar using TV Sound Connect. Combine spectacular sound with a stunning display for results that will amaze your friends and family.

This Bluetooth compatible soundbar enables you to connect any device and listen to your favourite tracks in incredible sound. You can even control both your TV and soundbar effortlessly by using a single Samsung remote, making accessing your entertainment even easier.

Let your music follow you from room-to-room by wirelessly connecting your soundbar to any Samsung Smart Speaker. The HW-MS751 is a must-have for music and film fans who appreciate top-quality sound.

Enhance your entertainment experience with this high-quality soundbar from Samsung. Order yours today.


Speaker Type Soundbar
Subwoofer No
HDMI Connections 2/1
Connectivity N/A
Colour Silver