Neff Built In Single Electric Oven

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This Neff built-in multifunction oven will bring your kitchen up to date with ingenious features, lots of cooking modes and CircoTherm® technology.

Multifunction Cooking

With the circular heating system, CircoTherm®, the oven distributes hot air evenly and cooks your meals to perfection. The powerful fan takes air out of the cavity to heat it and then pumps it back in, saving you energy as you cook.

Neff have also included a ShiftPanelcontrol display that uses colours and graphics to help you navigate all the cooking settings with ease. As this is a multifunction oven, there are plenty of programmes to choose from, including bread baking, dough proving and defrost modes.

Unique Features

To make adding and removing dishes simple and safe, this Neff oven features the innovative Slide&Hide® door. This unique feature allows you to conceal the door under the oven when it’s open, saving space and making it less likely you’ll burn yourself.

The Neff B55CS22N0B also has an ergonomic Revolution Handle®, designed to make opening and closing your oven effortlessly simple. The handle rotates as you open it in a natural, fluid motion – it’s a fine example of Neff's brilliant attention to detail.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

You won’t have to tirelessly scrub your oven, thanks to Neff’s pyrolytic self-cleaning programme. High temperatures and a lack of oxygen break down grime and grease into ash, allowing you to simply wipe it away.

This invaluable feature will cut your cleaning time dramatically – select the programme, then once it’s done, allow the oven to cool before you wipe it down. Allowing the cavity to cool is really important as the pyrolitic mode reaches temperatures of up to 500°C!

This function also means you can get away with using fewer chemicals and harsh cleaning products.

The Slide&Hide® door, huge range of cooking modes and pyrolytic self-cleaning programme make this an exceptional oven. Purchase the Neff B55CS22N0B here.


Oven Type Single
Main Oven Capacity 71 L
Colour Stainless Steel
Height 59.5 cm
Width 59.6 cm
Depth 54.8 cm